The Ship's Log - February 1997

The Furballs of Hetty Brace

Another month has passed in the tropics - and it really is the tropics. Temperatures of the past several days have been running in the 80's - and, of course, that includes the perfect Florida sunshine. It has truly been an incredible winter.

Hmmm....let me think about what happened in February. For starters, I spent two weeks from hell in Minnesota. Actually, that would be the polar opposite of hell, as my sister Pam would say. It got up into the 30's and all of the pasty skinned Minnesotans were commenting about how "warm" it was. What a nightmare. By the way, you frozen tundra dwellers - you're definition of cold is abit askew. Just because the snow and ice is turning to slush does not translate into a heat wave:

Slush = frozen liquid

frozen = cold

cold = not warm, ie: cold

Just remember the formula above and you'll know how to judge the weather.

I always feel displaced after flying back to Florida from one of those trips. Fortunately, the cure was on tap the very night that I flew in - in the form of a Jimmy Buffett concert in Tampa. It was a great show and always fun to see all of the parrotheads hanging around.

Captain Mitch at the bow of Hetty en-route to Tampa Bay

Since Michelle has spent alot more time on Hetty this month, she's going to fill you in on the scoop from Bahia Del Sol Marina....

While Mitch was in the polar north, our friend Brad went to 2 countries in South America and then to Iowa. He's now in China getting ready for another sail to Cuba. Tom and Cindy (Our friends who live on land) bought a Tayana 37'. It's the sailboat of their dreams. September Song is her name and she's beautiful. Their dreams are beginning to take shape and form. It's very exciting! Meanwhile we're exchanging letters we've been receiving from Isla Mujeres (The island of women). Steph & Jerry and Robert & Netty left last month for this exotic port. They write of advice, sights and experience. This too is exciting. We'd all love to be there with them. Steph & Jerry are headed south. Their cruising plans include coveing 70 miles in the next month. Sounds like island time has taken hold eh? Finally to top of the month, Bahia Del Sol hosted the annual Marine Flea Market. As usual we sold our junk and bought real treasures in exchange. It's amazing. We had stuff priced for a quarter and still people deliberated on their purchases! Here at Bahia Del Sol, there's always something going on, always a friend to stop and talk with and there's always a quite spot on the beach to reflect on the days events in solitude....Until next month, see ya!

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