The Ship's Log - March 1997

Mitch & Michelle

March has been a very busy month around Hetty Brace. We installed a new watermaker and a new inverter. Although the idea for the inverter is to give the computer power, it will probably see alot of work making coffee for Michelle in the morning.

The past few days have been spent varnishing the cabin sole - big fun! Alfie the dog got to spend most of the weekend in the cockpit and Hannah the cat spent her time over at AshoreNoMore - Bob & Carol's really nice houseboat. Hannah definitely was the lucky one this weekend. We also installed a new teak door between the salon and the head. Hetty originally had one but one of the previous owners removed it and put in a curtain. The previous owner also cut off a table leg and attached the table to the bulkhead where the door was to be. That meant that we got to make a new leg and a new foot for the leg. Michelle took over that one and with the help of Ray - a friend who really is a rocket scientist - they created a new teak foot that looks exactly like the original. I was really impressed. The upshot is that as of today, we have our boat back - ie: we're not living in a construction zone with power tools laying everywhere.

Michelle on the cell phone

The wedding is coming up on Saturday, April 5th. Soon we will be inundated with Northerners complaining about the heat and humidity (this after hearing them complain about snow and cold all winter). The marina threw a pre-wedding party for us a week ago. It was great fun. There was a mock wedding - complete with a 6'7" 300 pound bride in a wedding dress! They got together and made up a money tree for a wedding present. We were really touched at all of their thoughtfulness. For those of you contemplating living aboard, I can tell you that there is no better way to live - the people that you will meet are absolutely the best.

Tom & Cindy

Our friends Tom and Cindy have been busy working on their beautiful Tayana 37, September Song. They are now contemplating selling their condo and living aboard. Tom has become a "head expert" in his own right by removing, installing, buying new, mixing parts, and reinstalling toilets. In fact, I think that I'll have to pass the "toilet king" crown over to him now.

Brad, of the Brad Chronicles fame, is now out cruising bound for the Dry Tortugas. He tried to orchestrate a humanitarian trip to Cuba but was turned down by the Treasury Department because he wasn't a big non-profit corporation. I must not have a complete understanding of the whole Cuba policy. We deal with some pretty scary countries already and Cuba appears to be about as much of a threat as the Alton, Iowa VFW.

The time to cruise is getting close at hand. After reading letters from some cruising friends (still in the steep learning stage) and trying to figure out what to do with Alfie the dog, we decided that we'll be doing a few 2 or 3 month cruises - primarily down the west coast of Florida, the Keys, Mexico, and the Bahamas. The boat is almost ready and there are only a few big ticket items left (ie: liferaft, SSB radio). This plan will allow us to test out our equipment and still be able to get to a West Marine - it will also allow us to stop and earn some additional money, if necessary (depends on how much contact we require with West Marine).

Hetty is looking fantastic - I think that she wants to get going again. The hard part is waiting for it all to come together. Time, however, has a way of slipping away before you're ready. Hopefully we'll have most of the projects done when the time comes to untie the dock lines. As Captain Ron would say...."if anything is going to happen, it's going to happen out there".

Until next month....Fair Winds!

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