The Ship's Log - April / May 1997

The Blushing Bride

It's near the end of May and our lives are finally starting to return to normal. It's been a hectic past 8 weeks - to say the least. The picture above is really not Michelle having a bad hair day - it's Bob from AshoreNoMore - who dressed up for the pre-wedding party that the marina threw for us. The people here are absolutely the best.

Summer is beginning here in the tropics. Some of our friends have left for northern climes and it's gotten pretty quiet around the marina. Michelle and I are still recovering from the wedding and all of the festivities thereof. We've finally gotten the pace to slow down to a decent 'manana' level.

Speaking of the wedding - it was a blast! It was alot of fun for us to see our friends and relatives enjoying themselves on the beach and around the resort at Captiva Island. I got to meet Leisa, Michelle's sister who mentioned that people she works with actually read this web page. Now that I think about it, publishing it is basically a public service. The Brad Chronicles may prevent some unsuspecting person from being part of a terror filled afternoon. I mean, any day now Brad will run out of people who haven't heard about him in Florida, the Carolinas and Virginia and before you know it, he'll be working his way up to the beltway. Could happen!


THE BRAD CHRONICLES: To the best of my knowledge, Brad hasn't killed anyone this month. He arrived back safely from the Keys - he even still had his brother with him! Since then, he's been all over Asia - he brought us back a nice brass sextant from India as a wedding present. The reason that I mention this in the Brad Chronicles is this...very few people from the U.S. visit China - and those who do tend to mention it once or twice to their friends. If nothing else, it's a novelty, a topic of interest. Well, one Saturday morning a few weeks ago I wake up early to find a note taped to the piling in our slip. The note reads: "I had to go to China. Here's some potatoes - could you keep an eye on my boat for me?". THAT is a Brad classic! No mention of when he was planning to return. The last time he went, he called me from Korea just to see what was going on - and then got worred that he was running up my cell phone bill. I still don't know why he left a bag of potatoes on my finger pier but then, there are some things that only Brad knows.

Michelle and I sold our very nice, air conditioned 1994 Dodge and bought a rusted out, non-air conditioned Suburu. Since I have a much shorter drive to work - and since I don't have to sit in rush hour traffic, I'm the one who gets to drive the Sub. It's definitely a cruisermobile - and a fine mobile storage unit (MSU). Remember - we don't have big ol' closets to store stuff in - therefore our cars become de-facto closets. The Sub cost only $700 - we got to apply the rest of what we made on the Dodge to the cruising kitty (actually, to paying off the bills so we can start building the cruising kitty).


Each day that passes brings us closer to our goal of cruising. Unfortunately, with each day it becomes harder to go to the office job. To me, working in the computer business doesn't have any redeeming social value whatsoever. One of the most important elements to our cruising dream involves spending our time and available resources towards helping others. That help could come in the form of transporting needed supplies aboard Hetty, giving people a lift between islands, or just pitching in and volunteering our labor. Writing and babysitting a computer program just doesn't have the same impact. As a result, I view my time at work as a waste of time. That attitude becomes more ingrained the closer that we get to cruising. We're more than 8 months away - I'm not sure if I can make it. Everytime that I look at Hetty, I can see that she's ready to go. She'll get to see new oceans and new anchorages and for the first time in many years, all of her equipment is working and at the ready. I'm hoping that I'll be in the same condition when we finally get to untie and get out there.

Until next month....Fair winds and dusty bilges!

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