The Ship's Log - October - December 1997

At anchor off Useppa Island

It was a busy fall aboard Hetty Brace. Of course, it seems that each one of these starts out that way.

In September we started a buying binge that lasted through December. As it stands right now, all of the major purchases are out of the way. We only have a few billion little things to get. Unfortunately, we now have to pay for it all.

In the midst of preparations for our 10 day cruise beginning in November, Michelle had to fly to Dublin, Ireland for a week for work. I missed her so much that by Thursday I was on a plane to London - we met there and had a great 3 day weekend. We took a train to Portsmouth/Gosport to see the Nicholson yard - where Hetty was built. The very nice people at the Camper & Nicholson marina gave us a C&N flag to fly aboard Hetty. We also met the owner of hull #1 of our line and spent time talking to him aboard his boat. It was interesting to see how different Hetty was from the first one built.

A couple of days after arriving back in Tampa we took off for points south with our friends Tom & Cindy who sailed aboard their Tayana 37, "September Song". We were hoping for the Dry Tortugas but landed in Charlote Harbor and spent several very pleasant days relaxing and generally just hanging out. As you can see in the picture below, all that relaxing can really wear a person out...

A couple of weeks after our cruise we took off for Christmas in Minnesota (aka Arctic Hell). It was great to see our families again and Michelle got to see the little siberian outpost that I grew up in. We went ice skating in a barn and took a trip to some of the seedy places that I used to frequent in another life. After a horribly long double layover flight back to paradise we arrived home to find that the boat was... well...something out of our worst nightmares. To make a long story short, we had an aborted takeoff in Sioux Falls, a plane hit our plane in Memphis, and, as such, didn't get in until around 2:00am. Some friends picked up Alfie and Hannah from the vet earlier in the day but they didn't realize that he had, well...the poops. Yep, 2:00am, I'm starting to get the flu, we've been traveling all day, and the boat looks like diarrea attack from hell. I wanted to die. It took Michelle almost 3 hours to clean up while I sat moaning in the car. It was the first time ever that I was glad to have the flu.

Michelle's birthday was on New Year's Eve so we celebrated that happy occasion and rolled on into the new year.

Until next year...

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